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When it comes to nutrition there are no such things as quick fixes. I believe in sustainable, achievable changes of which will undo your lifetime of habits and pave the way for you to excel towards your performance goals with confidence.

How it works...

Book in a FREE 10 minute phone call with Kelsey to see if these services are what you are after.

Book in for an initial consultation with Kelsey to start your nutrition journey.

At the end of your initial consultation Kelsey will advise you on what program would be most suitable to help you achieve your goals.

Your Initial Consultation

45min (In-person or online)

This consultation is a crucial part of your nutrition journey as we will dive deeper and learn more about you and your individual circumstances and goals. Thus, enabling us to create your personalized and individual nutrition advice and follow up support.

Your Follow Up

30min (In-person or online)

Follow up sessions are important as it enables us to tweak recommendations to further individualise your support and to assess progress towards your goals.

Anthropometry Check


This is only available in person. An anthropometry check will include sum of 8 skin fold and body fat measurement following the ISAK guidelines.

Your personalised and individualised program options:


Intensive 6-week program

You want to hit your season running fit and in shape then this pre-season intensive program is designed to whip your nutrition habits back into healthy habits, ensuring that you are in shape come your first game or event of the season. Imagine how amazing that would feel!

What is included?

  • 6 x 30min sessions
  • Anthropometry testing
  • Identifying areas that need working on and education and support to help you work on them
  • Nutrition support to achieve individual goals
  • Email contact throughout the week
  • Training nutrition advice


3-4 month accountability program

Maintain peak performance across the board and reap the benefits! This program will hold you accountable and provide you with support to continually improve your performance in-season. This program is designed to be less intensive than the pre-season program but still provide you with frequent support and check ins around your goals.

What is included?

  • Fortnightly 30min sessions for 3-4 months
  • Anthropometry testing
  • Assessing goal progress and re-evaluating nutrition plan
  • Game/event day nutrition advice/plan
  • Debrief of game day/event day nutrition plan
  • Sweat rate and hydration work


Check in program

During the off-season it is typically a time where you let loose and find those old habits creeping back in of which you worked hard during the season to get rid of. If this sounds familiar, then the off-season check in program would be of great benefit to you!

What is included?

  • Monthly 45min sessions
  • Anthropometry testing
  • Re-evaluating and setting off-season goals
  • Advice on how to have a life/be social but stay on track with your goals during the off season
  • Email contact throughout the month if needed

Our amazing past and current clients

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