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I believe in sustainable, achievable changes

Hi there, my name is Kelsey, and I am the founder and registered dietitian of Kelsey Paterson Sports Nutrition.

When it comes to nutrition there are no such things as quick fixes. I believe in sustainable, achievable changes of which will undo your lifetime of habits and pave the way for you to excel towards your goals with confidence.

Since a young age I struggle to sit still and have been actively involved in many sports such as swimming, water polo, underwater hockey, netball and badminton. As well as this I love getting outdoors to the mountains for a hike and a spot of photography or to the beach or lake for a swim or a paddle board.

My passion for performance nutrition developed from high school when I was training for a triathlon as well as pre-season netball. As I didn’t know much about training or nutrition at this stage, I thought the harder I trained the better I would get. Long story short, I over trained and under ate which led to tonsilitis the week before the triathlon as well as the entire netball season spent with stress fracture after stress fracture. Looking back now I am able to identify everything that I did wrong and these mistakes are ones that I commonly see in athletes today.

At university I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports and Exercise Nutrition followed by a Masters in Dietetics (Dist). Over the past 3 years I have been working with professional rugby teams and their academy programs; Weekend warriors and elite athletes working towards endurance events; Rowers and an array of other sporting events. Outside of the performance nutrition space I also have experience in the eating disorder, RED-S and digestive health spaces.

My philosophy to performance nutrition is that it is not always about what you eat but also, how you eat and your relationship with food, your body and overall health. This is why, when you work with me you will not be handed a meal plan and sent on your way, instead you’ll receive individualised nutrition advice that is easy to follow as well as continued support and education to give you your best shot at being successful.

How it works...

Book in a FREE 10 minute phone call with Kelsey to see if these services are what you are after.

Book in for an initial consultation with Kelsey to start your nutrition journey.

At the end of your initial consultation Kelsey will advise you on what program would be most suitable to help you achieve your goals.

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