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Sustainable and achievable changes

It is not always about what you eat, but about how you eat and your relationship with food, your body and overall health. This is why, when you work with me you will not be handed a meal plan and sent on your way, instead you’ll receive individualised nutrition advice that is easy to follow as well as continued support and education to give you your best shot at being successful.

How it works...

Book in a FREE 10 minute phone call with Kelsey to see if these services are what you are after.

Book in for an initial consultation with Kelsey to start your nutrition journey.

At the end of your initial consultation Kelsey will advise you on what program would be most suitable to help you achieve your goals.

Personalised and Individualised Program options:


Intensive 6-week program

This season, hit the ground running fit and in shape! The pre-season intensive program is designed to whip your nutrition habits back into healthy shape, ensuring that you are ready to perform come your first game or event of the season. Imagine how amazing that would feel!


3-4 month accountability program

Maintain your nutrition and lifestyle habits throughout the season and reap the benefits! This program will hold you accountable and ensure that old habits don’t slip back in that could impair your performance. This program is designed to be less intensive than the pre-season program but still provide you with frequent support and check ins around your goals.


Check in program

During the off-season it is typically a time where you let loose and find those old habits creeping back in of which you worked hard during the season to get rid of. If this sounds familiar, then the off-season check in program would be of great benefit to you!

Our amazing past and current clients

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